Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mad Men: Spokespersons From Hell

In spite of predictable, if understandable, objections from the Anti-Defamation League, the shampoo manufacturer Biomen refused to tank their ad shown on Turkish television which features old footage of Adolph Hitler delivering one of his trademark diatribes with subtitles which make it appear that he's flogging the shampoo. Finally, the Turkish government forced the company to suspend the ad for three months while everyone reconsiders. Here's some pretty rough footage of the offending commercial.

A catchier tagline for the product might be "It's better for your scalp than hanging from piano wire." The ad furnishes the idle mind with any number of other equally apt pairings of product and spokesperson - imagine, for starters, Lenin and Stalin tag-teaming for a catfood commercial:

Lenin: "The Politburo tells me cats just love it."
Stalin: "Vladimir Ilyitch, 20 million Georgians would have killed for just a tin of it."

How about Pol Pot shilling for a landscaping business:

"It's spring again - back yard looking a little rough?"

Saddam Hussein selling airborne thrill packages . . . 

"Parachutes are just part of the fun. My people never wore parachutes."

Idi Amin for Lost Safari Travel Adventures:
"We'll nevah evah tell where ya might end up."

 Sean Hannity flogging real estate in a gated "community":

"A complete community, with schools, churches, a synagogue . . . and no mosques. A community where freedom to practice our religion is guaranteed by the FBI."

National Rifle Association executive veep Wayne La Pierre for PetSmart . . .

  (by DonkeyHotey)

"Ya can buy furry little critters at any mall, bring 'em home, turn 'em loose and let the kids have at 'em. The family that shoots together never gets hungry - or hassled by, uh, 'neighbors' ".

Oh, I almost forgot . . . 

"Gold - you can hide it in your back yard!"

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