Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mission Aborted

The Tulsa World reports that parents Melissa and Tony Wescott want to return their . . . adopted son to state custody because they say he had severe behavioral problems . . .  including reactive detachment disorder, disruptive behavior disorder, major depressive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and fetal alcohol syndrome. DHS disclosure documents call the child "well-behaved" and "polite and well mannered." He is described as "respectful toward authority" and "makes friends easily."
                                     (from "The Responsibility Project," a blog of Liberty Mutual Insurance)

"I'm listening."

Your mommy and I need to have a word with you about your behavior. Well, about your future, really. Your future here . . . with us. You know . . . we need to talk to you about the three of us. About us . . . and you.

Daddy will admit, some . . . challenges have arisen since you came to stay with Mommy and Daddy. These first few months have been hectic for you. For all of us. For us, too. Frankly, at first we just considered it typical of new families trying to get their footing, find their rhythm . . .you see what we're saying? 

We think maybe it was Kitty's blood on the new shag in the living room that got us all started on the wrong foot.  Well, it made us think maybe we shouldn't have pets for a while. Until you felt at home with Mommy and Daddy. And then of course when Weenie Dog and Spotty both went missing in the same week, that made the decision a little easier. You haven't . . . never mind, we'll talk about that some other time.

Well, I hardly know how to begin . . . you help me out here, Mommy. I know Mommy was very upset about the trash can fire in your bedroom. Weren't you, Mommy? But if not for that, we would probably have never known about the matches and the charcoal lighter in your sock drawer. Or the knife. No, don't look like that . . . the one inside the magazine under your mattress. Where did you get that mag . . . maybe we could talk about that later.

Thinking back, Mommy and Daddy probably shouldn't have let you lock yourself in your bedroom on school days, but we knew how stressful other children can be. When you're the new little boy at school. Other children can be mean, Mommy and Daddy know that. No, we're not necessarily speaking about you. 

So we thought it was okay. For you to spend so much time in there. But we really did think you were just reading Wind in the Willows in there.  We thought, after your little friend Tommy was hit with that board, that it would be better if you stayed home for a while, anyway, until things settled down. We didn't think it would be fair to send you to school right away, even if you didn't do it. I mean really didn't. Which . . . which you didn't.

I think Mommy and I began to have our doubts when you emptied out the terrarium we bought for your birthday. We could see where the frogs hit the garage door. And you should have known that little froggies can't drink alcohol. Have you seen the turt . . . well, maybe we can talk about that some other time.

Mommy and Daddy didn't mind at first that you didn't talk. But now Mommy's not sleeping very well. Noises bother her at night . . . even little noises, like sounds of someone outside the house. Maybe just little animal noises outside the house. But maybe if you told us sometimes what you were think . . . well, just even if you said good morning to Mommy and Daddy, or good night sometimes. You don't have to talk. If you don't want to. Quiet children are nice, we like how quiet you are. Polite, Mommy says.

Mommy and Daddy think every little child should have a home. But not every little boy or little girl does well in a mommy-daddy type home. Maybe you don't want to be with Mommy and Daddy.  We didn't do this to you, you little b. . .  We didn't do this. This happened before us. Sometimes you seem . . . you act . . . seem older than they said you were. Eleven? So you'll be 12 your next birthday. . . right? Twelve? Well, well, you're getting to be a big boy.

Doctor Bill says that you'll probably feel the frostbite when it gets cold, even when you're grown up like Mommy and Daddy. But Christmas wasn't a good time to run away from home. Or New Year's Day, either - I think it was colder then than it was on Christmas, wasn't it Mommy? Well, let's just say, if you decided to run away again . . .Mommy and Daddy wouldn't stop you. Would we, Mommy?

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